Contract Manufacturing

LDM contract manufacturing provides our customers with the best services for producing custom formulations following the best practices and meeting all legal requirements.
We pride ourselves on providing full service that includes providing expert guidance, sourcing ingredients, fine-tuning formulations, providing various packaging options, designing boxes and labels, and even developing tailored shipping services for your products.
Furthermore, we can provide you with the necessary technical documentation for registering your product in various markets worldwide.
We offer various forms of contract manufacturing, including top-quality liposomal liquids, advanced dry liposomal powder, all in the form of supplements, cosmetic products, and products for pets.

How it works?

Product Formulation

If necessary, we can help you formulate your liposomal products, guiding you to the best solution for you. We can start from an existing formulation or even from just a health concern you want to address with your product.
Suppose you already have products, but you want to improve them by switching to the liposomal delivery system. In that case, we can offer quality advice, help you decide between liquid or dry formulations, offer you the best price, and make the process entirely hassle-free.
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High Quality Ingredients

We can source all the ingredients you need from reliable and sustainable sources thanks to our experience and long-term relationship with suppliers from all over the world.
Quality and purity are top priorities in our formulations, and we extend this to our contract manufacturing services.
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Development and Testing

Products and shelf-life testing are standard parts of our services. They are included in our research and development, and you can rest assured that shelf life and liposomal products stability is as promised.
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Our manufacturing facilities and procedures are cGMP accredited, and we operate to ISO9001. Quality, innovation, and reliability are the three main driving forces behind LDM, so our manufacturing process is strictly controlled, ensuring stable product quality, reliable supply, and meeting all the legal and certification requirements at all times.
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Design and Packaging

Packaging and design are additional services we offer. We can use your designs, our designers and experts can work with you to create the solution that meets your expectations, or you can leave it up to our experts to design and package your new product according to the highest industry standards.
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