About us

Liposomal Delivery Manufacturing (LDM) was developed from our passion for improving the bioavailability of supplements through the benefits of liposomal delivery.
However, we do not simply rely on the discoveries in the world of liposomes that stem from more than half a century ago. Instead, our passion for knowledge and advancement keeps us at the forefront of developing the latest generation of liposomal products.
We provide products and solutions that make our customers stand out from the overpopulated supplement market through sheer quality and innovation.

Our Team

The LDM team comprises scientists and experts from various fields, focusing on proven solutions backed by scientific studies and decades of experience in the industry.
Our team includes industry-leading experts in the field of liposomal delivery whose work gave us, among other products, the latest generation dry liposomes providing unmatched bioavailability while offering the convenience never before seen in liposomal delivery.
Our team members were among the first to develop liposomal products with no alcohol or glycerol, marking a new era in the world of liposomes.
Aside from the scientific merits of our team, we also have a Ph.D. in pharmacy in our midst. In addition, our product developers are highly skilled and creative, and experienced in quality control, GMP, GDP, ISO 22000, and ISO 13485. Our team has a track record of setting up production facilities from scratch to end, developing and registering 100 medicines.

Our Services

Our team is here for you, whether you need white label products based on our proven formulations, top-quality products for reliable scientific research results, or completely new formulations based on your desires.
Moreover, through our facilities and our numerous partners, we can provide consultancy, packaging, design, and transport services, effectively meeting all the needs a supplement, healthcare, or cosmetics business has.
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