White Label Products

LDM offers white label services to our customers. Our advanced liposomal products are developed by a team of experts dedicated to researching formulations, sourcing top-quality raw materials, and active content.
Our white label product lines come as a result of the collaboration of several different teams within our company, including research and development, procurement, production, quality management, logistics, and legal departments. Each of our departments focuses on providing the best solutions within their respective fields and working as a team to market products of the highest quality.
We source the best ingredients, test them in our lab facilities, and develop the best and most stable liposomal formulations. Finished products are further tested for quality, stability, and shelf life. Finally, after all these steps, we offer our products to the market as a white label option.
Your company can use our research & development, and production capacities and take advantage of our ready-to-sell products and label them using your own brand and marketing capacities.

Our Products

Liposomal Liquid

We offer liposomal liquid formulations with unmatched stability and quality, and reliable product specifications for the best bioavailability currently available on the market. You can always count on LDM quality.
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Dry Liposomes

Nex-gen liposomal products are already available. Furthermore, dry liposomes offer stability, shelf life, ease of use like a traditional vitamin capsule, and convenience and are highly bioavailable. Thus, dry liposomes are the best of both worlds.
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Liposomal Cream

The liposomal delivery system is also available for topical creams. Take advantage of our advanced formulations for various kinds of liposomal cream products.
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Liposomal Cosmetic Products

We can develop liposomal versions of various cosmetic products. Therefore, enjoy the benefits of vastly improved bioavailability for unmatched efficiency of cosmetic treatments
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Miscellaneous Liposomal Products

We also produce many other kinds of liposomal products, including various pet products. Our expertise allows us to develop formulations based on our customers desires. Just contact us and let us know what you need.
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